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NODA Insurance – Coronavirus


We are currently assisting many societies with their legitimate claims for “unrecoverable expenses”, in relation to shows and events that can’t take place due to Coronavirus. This is now even more relevant given recent Government announcements about reducing movement, gatherings and theatre closures. Despite the circumstances, we are pleased that we can help to soften the blow, especially when most insurance policies are providing no cover at all for this.


Clearly, once it is inevitable that events can no longer take place, then societies shouldn’t commit themselves to further costs; such as prop or costume hire or advertising. We hope that all societies’ will understand that unnecessary costs (incurred after it became inevitable that shows have to be cancelled) will NOT be covered. Insurers’ are not there to cover situations that are inevitable, for example paying more money to a theatre when it was clear the event can’t happen.


For a similar reason, we won’t be providing any new insurance policies that includes Coronavirus cover (or similar outbreaks). In addition, for those of you who currently have a policy with us, please be aware that as you go through your next renewal, it will no longer include cover for such outbreaks (the detail of this will be in your renewal invitation). But to be clear, this won’t change your current cover – you are protected for historic unrecoverable payments from before event cancellation was inevitable.


Please be aware that the vast majority of the insurance market has already been excluding coronavirus outbreaks completely. The few that have covered it are now changing their policy wordings for all future cover. It is not possible for the insurance market to cover such catastrophic losses on a national or global basis. We have been in the position, to date, where NODA Insurance has been able to provide this cover. However, going forward (after your next renewal) this will sadly no longer be the case.


We are very proud to have been able to help so many societies during this difficult and unprecedented period and remain firm in our dedication to providing a marketing leading product and service.

If you have any queries, please contact NODA Insurance on 01823 250736

Pete Lishman
Managing Director 
Lloyd & Whyte Ltd

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NODA Insurance – Coronavirus

NODA Insurance update in relation to the Coronavirus.